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Been away from keyboard since two months ago and yeah too many things I have been through. It full of breakdowns, happiness, miracle, excitement, worried.

Last two months Muslims are performing ibadah Puasa, going to the masjid for tarawih. While me, not even feel the excitement of Puasa like before. To be honest, I miss to Puasa at SEMESRA. Oh, I didn't miss the food, but the blessing and the vibe itself. It different though. I realized I didn't have much time on ibadah sunat during Ramadhan but I couldn't help myself. Too much stress I had to handle and the crazy thing is all must be submitted in the last week before Raya. Truthfully, the most pressure coming from the competition. It basically required us to prepare a business proposal. But like seriously!! I didn't have any intention to take part do. like wtf they force all of us to be in the competition? yeah, I know it would help us in future bla bla bla but what point forcing us doing thing that we don't want to? I guess it would be going smoothly if my teammate got each other's back.

Well, luckily there still a happy moment! IM OFFICIALLY 19 YEARS OLD! OMG IM GETTING OLDER. It was my very last birthday as a teen before turning 20! It such a lovely yet a great celebration with my backbone since I was born. Too much love they spilled love to me, then why should I find another else artificial love? Family love won't be same as boyfriend love do. #thingIlearn19thbirthday.

My previous purse serious dah nazak teruk but I still use it btw because I realized too much money have to spend on my study. Lol. I didn't expect my mom would buying me this though. For sure I would use this until I got my very first own money, phew

OH OH OH ALSOO I got my first ever make up palette! of course I love it so much! Stay tuned for more my make up collection hehe

And yeah after all the events, finally Ramadhan is coming to the end. Alhamdulillah still have the opportunity Raya at my three hometowns. And more exciting is more kids including triplets! from don't know how to handle the kids to jaga baby sampai tido is real af!

Let me introduce this three bunga. From left isszz Anggun Ammara, Embun Adara and Cempaka Raisha.

Here comes the exciting part which is open house! Lol I didn't expect my parents would do open house as our very first planning is only to do some makan makan for my friends and dibah's too. It suddenly turns up to a real open house even though there is no kambing golek but abah has set up PA system though! AND THE THING IS IM SINGING! karaoke duet w apam 'seloka hari raya' that 3 minutes is full of sumbang mambang of our voice. eh of course tuan rumah kene nyanyi jugak. phew. It started at 5 pm and end at 11 pm. Seriously I have so much fun on that day because of the presence of these three big group!

Look who come all the way from Sunway to Seremban 2!

This one is real all time fav since primary school dohhh!

Here a wrap my love from SEMESRA. Seriously five years is never been enough for us to be together.

Last word:, Too much love from these people and of course endless love and support from my backbone, familt]y. I can't imagine how to live without them. Thank you Allah for those great 19 years I have live. I would never regret on what has happened in my life, but make my life more wonderful instead. Why should we in a depression, sadness, feeling alone while you have them in your life. Let we just grateful on what we live now and start striving for a better achievement! Alhamdulillah

why do we need an artificial love when we have family love endlessly

I am 19

8 August 2017

For awhile I feel lost. I couldn't see what my goals. Is it because I'm too comfort on what I have right now? I don't know where could I find my spirit for studying like I used to have it when I'm in high school. I bet I was influenced by my surrounding. No, I didn't blame them it should depend on ourselves to achieve what you want. But those negative vibe I heard every day "susahla" "kau pandai bole la" "aku rasa nak drop course ni" sometimes engulf me bit by bit.

Yes, you have your own money so it doesn't matter to change your course but it a waste though? waste your money time?!! I love Chinese vibe. They love to help each other. Even though there some selfish. but nvm at least they work hard to do so. 

dearest man and dearself,
Can you change your mindset? You can do anything even it is beyond your thinking but it all start with yourself. Nothing impossible unless you are too much doubt and laziness in ourselves. aigoo how to overcome this malas??!!

Goodluck dearself midterm. Make your parents proud. You have nothing to give them unless success.


15 May 2017

Do you guys love either footballs or food? Why need to choose when you can choose both?!

I found a cafe which nearby to my college, Sunway College. " OFFSIDE THEATRE CAFE". It such a great place to eat and chill!

They served lots of features and have a reasonable price for a student.

This set which comes with fries and soft drink is only for RM12. This set is only specific for students and on lunch time. Lots of choices of their burger but I more prefer this beef burger because it included onion ring. hehu.

Other than food, let see other features they serve in this cafe.

πŸ’•  MOVIE!

I know most of us love to hangout with our friends and watch movie together. but we need to spend more money on movie plus popcorn oh wait drinks some more hm. why not we watch movie for free instead? yes! here we can enjoy our movie for free! just choose what movie do you like to watch based on day. Each day they served different type of genre.

However, this movie section is first come first serve. So come early and book the place haha.

πŸ’•  PS4

Don't like movie but game instead? Here we could play PS4 with your friends too! unfortunately not FOC. (want FOC go play at home meh) Enjoy 15min for free and add on 1 hour for RM10.

πŸ’•  Football

Lets chill with this ' tarik tolak ball' for awhile P/s: I really don't know how to play this game board do.

but anyway I really enjoy wasting my time here while waiting for three hours for the next class (blrgh i really hate that three hours gap before class because it make me don't want to come for the next class)

I will update soon for my next food hunt. bbye.

Football or Food?

16 March 2017


Tomorrow might be a terrifying day for those 2016 SPM batch. I knew how nervous how scared how 'mandi tak basah, makan tak kenyang' feel. Even me myself also feel nervous every time to get know my result each of every semester haha.

There are some people might say 'ala SPM je pun' but tbh those people who saying this words also feel that kind of feeling hm #janganberlagak.

Goodluck for those who taking their result tomorrow. Whatever result it is, it from your own effort. Be grateful. If the result is not as what we dream to be, remember Allah plan is better than our dream. SPM is not the end of your life.

Trial SPM/SBP are usually last exam before a SPM and people always make assumptions on their result based on this trial paper. Wake up! there lot of people manage for straight a even though they not a target student. My trial was only 3C and I never manage to get A even B in chemistry and addmaths. I always thought this was a miracle. haha

We don't have a restart button, but we always have chances to be a great person for tomorrow
So don't give up if you didn't achieve straight A. But get ready to grab new opportunity!

p/s: always remind yourself your study is not only end until SPM but until the end of your age instead.


15 March 2017

I love this date because it 's my favourite man's birthday, Abah! Yeah, it's his 44th birthday but still the best Abah in the world. I know how crazy, hardworking, stressful you are just to provide us food, house and all those ridiculous thingies from this three princess. haha (Abah is the only man in the house). After all, this 'really pious' daughter still not soo serious in the study even though that the only things you want T.T hm I realised how much money you have 'invested' for me, sob sob. You always give and want the best for me and yeah I will try hard for it. have to. hm. try the best. okay Abah?

For sure I wanted to give him a surprise present and decided to choose something like classy - so he can use it to work (oh actually I really don't have any idea what should I buy) #manalwaysthehardesttodecidewhattogive #urgh

I've budgeted for this present about RM300 and yes I manage to achieve it. In fact, I spent lower than RM200!
I bought 2 items which are cufflink (use to fasten both sides of shirt/ cuff link) and tie!


I love the packaging! Actually, I've gone to several shops in Sunway Pyramid (I went to Sunway Pyramid because it just beside to my college, so lazy nak shopping jauh jauh) but they not even sell it! Fortunately, I found the Saccor Brothers. The best part is I got discount 50% for this cufflink. The original price is RM115 but I only bought it for RM 57! I have a story about misunderstanding the price haha. On that time, he said the price before less is RM115 but I heard RM1115! I was like wtf that small thingy is for thousand bucks?? Then I decided don't want to buy it and get out from the shop. The moment I stepped out from the shop my friend ask me why don't want to buy because it really cheap. Then I realised I misheard it hahaha (malu gila nak masuk balik. idkw that perasaan malu timbul haha)

okay so back to the story, there it is the cufflink! Don't you think it really nice with that packaging?-It look so classy and the important part it's only RM 57!

🌸  Tie (G2000)

The next item is a tie! Actually, I found this one very nice at mark and spencer. Unfortunately, they don't have the packaging so I decided to buy at G2000. yeah, there lots of fancy, classy, nice tie there! Seriously I'm so rambang mata to choose which one to buy! 

See! I love its combination colour - blue and brown. (you guys please say it's beautiful too. idk if my taste is bad or what😩) However, I'm so not satisfied with the packaging! it quite not so professional. #buruk. You see la that kind of box which easy to see those kemek lines. They should improve those part because I paid it for RM 139! Of course we expect it to be more presentable as we paid it quite much right? (sorry I'm not that berkira but I just expecting something best because I pay maa) 

There it is two items RM57+RM139 so total up RM196. Omg can't believe I can spend quite low from the budget haha.

How about you guys? What kinds of present do you want to buy for your beloved father? 

A gift to a special man.

9 February 2017

You might always say, 
'you have no one' 
'no one will like you #foreveralone' 
'you not that pretty' 
'still same as the old you' 

Don't you know how struggle she is to be the same as other girls out there?
Don't you know how craving she is want to be treated as other girls too?
Don't you know even they say
'ah I don't want to be that kind of girl'
deep in her heart, she wants to be the prettiest girl too.

Do you think that condemning thing is a funny stuff?
As she grows older, she might want to change for herself, want to be more feminine and stuff. 
Her heart must be more sensitive
Somehow, she's a girl too.

Don't you know how broken she is when she keep being like a toy?
keep being as a jokes stuff?
Don't you want to support her like you do towards other girls?

Stop flirting with her if you don't want,
Stop being too nice to her if you don't want,
Stop giving hope to her if you don't want,
 Somehow, she's a girl too.

How crazy she is, 
how tough she is, 
how brutal she is, 
how far she is from a feminine type,
She's a girl too

But girl please to know,
those flirting with sweetest words, pickupline those are fake,
If he want you,
He will act the best for you,
Always be there for you,
Not always with that kind of words.
Words without actions are nothing.

I know you're a girl,
but please don't so easy to fall.

Somehow, I'm a girl too.

26 January 2017


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